Financial Strategy, Simplified

As a business owner, you make important decisions that push your business to new heights. Our mission is to empower you to do so with undeniable financial clarity. Everything affects the bottom line, and financial literacy is the foundation of smart operations. We provide personalized guidance and education to demystify the numbers and foster positive momentum toward your goals.

Tailored Financial Strategies to Your Unique Goals


We will guide you through a process of gaining invaluable insights via risk assessments, identifying opportunities, and examining key financial metrics to establish your business’s current position. This understanding will enable us to build a robust financial foundation, ensuring that every financial decision aligns with a path of confident and stable growth.


Together, we will navigate strategic financial planning, implement scalable systems, manage risk, and ensure financial agility. This comprehensive approach to financial management facilitates smooth and sustainable growth, enabling efficient expansion and informed decisions that foster long-term success.


We serve as a guiding force toward a seamless and successful shift. Together, we will work through strategic planning, valuation enhancement, and effective risk management. Whether navigating mergers, acquisitions, or leadership transitions, we optimize your financial structures and steer the business toward a sustainable future.

What is a CFO?

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) strategically navigates the intersection of financials, operations, and executive leadership. We embed ourselves into the business to address the root cause of challenges, excelling in the financial planning, risk management, and executive decision-making that go into shaping financial landscapes. Beyond numbers, a CFO guides financial literacy to drive operational excellence and strategic vision.

Finding the right fit

Discovery Chat

In an open and candid conversation, we explore the potential partnership between your business and VisionPath CFO, ensuring a mutual understanding of your needs.

Financial Strategy

Combining our financial expertise with a comprehensive operational
approach, our work addresses everything that affects the bottom line, going beyond the typical financial plan.

Customized Planning

Our approach is tailored, not one-size-fits-all. We dive into your specific concerns, design a meeting cadence, and formulate a customized plan that precisely addresses your objectives.

Sustainable Success

Working hand in hand, we analyze progress and adjust as you aspire toward bigger goals. From planning to execution, our partnership is dynamic, ensuring ongoing success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Meet Our CEO

Hilary is a seasoned finance professional with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to enhancing decision-making through education and communication excellence. She has served in CFO and COO roles and has a comprehensive background extending beyond finance and accounting, including supply chain, operations, IT, compliance, HR, risk management, and process improvements. Hilary brings her exceptional leadership and expertise to VisionPath CFO, driving organizational change, maximizing revenues, increasing profitability, and optimizing company value for our clients.

Guided by our fundamental beliefs

Empower Owners

At the heart of our mission is a promise to empower business owners through a supportive and educational process. We exist so that every owner, regardless of their background, has the tools and confidence to thrive.

Share Knowledge

Education empowers informed decisions. We encourage diverse perspectives to come together, because we know that learning from each other enriches our expertise. Our commitment to active listening and tailoring financial solutions to unique challenges propels our clients forward.

Embrace the Unknown

The path to success is often paved with ambiguous challenges and messy processes. We understand that these drive innovation and growth as we move from the unknown to the known. With the willingness to talk through uncertainties, we can ultimately find the best path forward together.

Get It Done

We hold a mindset of relentless problem-solving and execution. Listening
and understanding the root cause of challenges leads us to the most impactful solutions. We take pride in witnessing the “aha” moments when leadership discovers how they can impact the bottom line.

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